In the last few years I have been working met choreographer Cecilia Moisio, documenting her creation and research process for several projects. A very unique experience where people are interviewed, there are workshops and expert meetings, all in preparation to make a stage performance and documentary accompanying each piece.
trailer video for 43 min documentary
When we lie, the tissue in our nose swells, causing it to itch. You can often catch people touching their nose after a lie.
A family performance for everyone between the ages of 10 to 110 full of humor and seriousness about something we all do: lie.
Cecilia on Pinocchio Effect
Pink Portal: Together with playwright Eva Maria de Wit, Cecilia interviewed several woman in order to get a deeper insight into their experience. These conversations and real stories have become the inspiration and the the basis for the performance: a political statement about how the female body is viewed in 2022.