"Op 'n Diek - van Harlingen tot aan Nieuwe Statenzijl"
This short video aims to visualise the visitor experience of the dike area from Harlingen to Nieuwe Statenzijl, The Netherlands.
It was made to open the symposium ‘Op ‘n diek’ in Groningen on 21th en 22nd June 2011.
A short by Paul Sixta
Music: Stefkin
Client: Jos Bosman for De Waddenacademie and het Kenniscentrum Gebiedsontwikkeling NoorderRuimte

A shorter follow up video was commissioned by TWA-Architects to explore the area leading more inwards, away from the dike onto the 'terp' an artificial dwelling hill.

The video has the functions as the opening for an architectural symposium held by TWA.
Starting at the dyke and slowly moving land-inwards towards the building where the symposium was being held.