Amnesia of a Landscape

  • duration 12 hours
  • color DV

Jeanne van Heeswijk and artists Brechtje Schoofs, Paul Sixta, Aram Voermans and Marten Winters inquier about the changing landscape perception due to the arrival of the new countyroad N470. This road will soon connect the Dutch cites of Delft, Zoetermeer and Rotterdam.


During a phyisical journey along this road the project focuses on the mental aspects. What are a motorist thoughts? Will they change as the route and Scenery are cooperating to teature in this roadmovie. The roadmovie will show their mental journeys. Eventualy the 120 mini roadmovies will form a 12 hour movie;
A day in the life of a countyroad.


Jeanne van Heeswijk

Brechtje Schoofs

Paul Sixta / Aram Voermans

Marten Winters / Fleur Hermeler / Paul Sixta / Brechtje Schoofs / Aram Voermans / Johan Gielen / Maurits Maarschalk