A Thousand Deaths

"If death is a mirror in which the meaning of life is reflected, then the near death experience is a short excursion through that looking glass and back again..."

'A Thousand Deaths: Sortie 1', 2000 (video, 9 min.)
'A Thousand Deaths: Sortie 2', 2001 (video, 8 min.)

A series of short films in which the drug ketamine is used to simulate a near-death experience.
The first episode, 'Sortie 1' was completed in December 2000. The second, 'Sortie 2' in december 2001.

9 / 8 minutes / DV / 2000 / 2001

Paul Perry

Paul Sixta

The Guide
Sato Endo

Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam 2000
Groninger Museum 2001